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Best Food Choices For Weight Loss

In this article, we will show you some of the best food choices for weight loss as well as some of the worst.

You probably already know that celery is better for you than chocolate cake. But the most important thing to realize is that diets don't work.

"Diet's don't work and they never will." - Remington, Fisher, & Parent

However, it is ok to identify some of the best food choices for weight loss.

Many books have been written about best food choices for weight loss, but, usually, these basics are really all that you need. Of course, you will also need the proper personal changes to make it last lifelong.

Placemat with fruit and scale

Let's keep it simple. Best food choices to lose weight are:
• exchange white flour and white sugar for healthy foods
• drink plenty of water
• eat more from the periphery of the food store (produce, fruits, vegetables, etc.)
• whole grains, vs. enriched
• and also the right amounts of meats (usually a small amount that would fit in the palm of your hand is about right)

Let's look at whole grains for a moment…

When considering what breads, rices, etc. to buy, always check that the first ingredient on the bread says "whole grain" or some variation of that, and not "enriched" or "bleached". You will want to get grains that are "whole" or try other types of grains than you used to eat. You might consider trying pumpernickel for one example. Another general rule about grains is "the darker the better". Brown rice is always going to have more nutrients than white rice, which is an empty food.

Keep in mind that "whites" tend to simply break down to nothing but sugar once digested and in the blood stream.
So, in general, it is far better to stick to vegetables and fruits. Also, contrary to popular belief, meats and fats are essential to your weight loss as well.

Remember that your brain uses a considerable amount of fats (as well as sugar) to function. Dieting without fats can cause irritability and depression. Foods are not the only culprit for those moods; diets in and of themselves are harmful and stressful. But, the point is worth making.

Keep in mind that your goal on a weight loss program is to keep your blood sugars stable so that your emotions are more stable.

Eating too much white flour or white sugar causes mood swings and emotional instability. Remember that on your weight loss program, you are learning how to control your emotions as well. And, that is the maturity component of your training.

Charleston Hypnosis Institute And Weight Loss Center has the best weight loss programs Charleston West Virginia has to offer. We offer a free screening to evaluate your situation and decide whether you will be accepted as a client. It's fun and informative. We will be happy to evaluate your food intake situation. More importantly, you will be evaluated on your commitment to your change, sincerity of desire, and your ability to take feedback about things in your life.

When looking for the best food choices for weight loss, remember to keep it fun and simple.

If your program is not fun and easy, then you won't keep doing it.




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