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Hypnosis Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, more relaxed and focussed than usual, where you are more open to new ideas and suggestions. You can be given suggestions such as "you feel fuller from less food" or "you enjoy your food more while eating less" or to quit smoking without pain, withdrawal, or weight gain. Hypnosis is associated with rapid learning. Your subconscious mind is responsible for 80% of your thoughts, actions, and behaviors. Once you are in hypnosis, you are more open to positive, empowering goal-oriented suggestions.

Who is in control?
You are. Hypnosis is a consent state. In fact, you are more in control in hypnosis than when you are not. The hypnotist is like your favorite teacher, bringing you through the steps that will make your goal to lose weight or quit smoking possible. Though, at times, it may seem kind of magical that something is happening to you or for you, it is really that you are always participating. We espouse the belief that you are not "broken". You are capable of making real positive changes in your life if you are willing to listen, pay attention, and follow directions toward learning that goal. You will remember everything that happens, and though in the movies it seems otherwise, you will never do anything against your moral or ethical beliefs. Remember that you are here to learn how to use the real power of your mind, imagination, and emotions in order to make lasting change.

Is hypnosis real and recognized as a valid tool?
Yes. The American Medical Association approved hypnosis as a field of medical study back in 1958. In 1961, they put into effect a 144-hour recommended training for all doctors and medical professionals. Though it is only an elective (same as classes in physical exercise, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, etc.), it is part of the curriculum. It is now taught at Seton Hall, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, Harvard, etc. It is also used in every branch of the military. In the 1950's, the Vatican approved it.

Who cannot be hypnotized?
With the exception of three types of individuals, everyone can be hypnotized. The first person who cannot be hypnotized is a person who is very, very drunk (or under the influence of drugs), at which time they cannot pay attention long enough to use hypnosis. The second, is a person who cannot concentrate at all, for example, those with extreme hyperactivity or very low IQ's. In certain clinical settings, it is possible to work with those situations, but other steps may need to be added in before using the hypnosis. The third type of person who cannot be hypnotized is a person who don't want to or whom refuse to cooperate and follow directions. However, if you do not fit into any of those categories, then you are probably a person who can benefit greatly from using hypnosis, and someone we'd like to meet very much.

Is there any danger of a person not waking up?
No. It has never happened - not once, never - in all of history that anyone has been documented as not coming out of hypnosis and returning to a normal state of functioning and back to full awareness. However, clients have been known to fall asleep or to enjoy the state of hypnosis so much that they want to stay there because it is so much more relaxing and euphoric than "normal".

What is self-hypnosis?
All hypnosis is essentially self-hypnosis. Again the hypnotist is simply like your favorite teacher bringing you through the steps that work. However, at the center, we do teach a more *formal* self-hypnosis technique for you to use on yourself in order to lose weight naturally and fast or to quit smoking without weight gain, etc. This technique is taught as part of your personalized hypnosis program here at the center. You will be instructed on how to use it, when to use it, and how to form good suggestions for yourself.

Can hypnosis change someone's personality?
With hypnosis, you are of course still you, you just lear to do things in a different way. Just like anything else, you learn ways that work more to get your goal. As for personality, you are developing the beliefs, values, and attitudes and the thoughts actions and behaviors of successful people. Those who use hypnosis are among the top leaders and are more relaxed and resourceful people in general. Hypnosis makes reaching your goal far more natural, amazingly effective, and something that you can keep your whole life long.

Can anyone be taught self-hypnosis?
Yes. Anyone who is interested, sincere, and willing to listen, pay attention, and follow instructions, can learn this God-given skill. You will feel more relaxed and energized toward taking the actions necessary to get your goals.
Just like anything else that you learn, after a while, it becomes second-nature and a part of your life.

How long does hypnosis work for?
Really there is no "it" - really it's you agreeing to new beliefs and actions - and how to make those beliefs and actions seem to come more easily to you.
Because of that, once you learn it, it's "yours".
Some people used to believe that the effects of hypnosis "wore off" over time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, it's the other way around. As you begin to succeed, you begin to notice more and more success. "Nothing succeeds like success."
In fact, especially when taught along with the other skill-sets taught here at the hypnosis center, the effects of hypnotism actually have a "snowball" effect, increasing over time until you reach your desired results and goals - and then tends to naturally maintain that.
While it is useful to practice hypnotism on yourself regularly, it simply makes your process seem much more easy and effortless.

Can hypnotism open your mind up to the devil?
No. That myth has no basis in reality. In fact, the state of hypnosis is the one of the most faith-based, God-given states of mind there is… relaxed, calm, confident, capable, and graceful. We do believe that having faith helps you to be more successful, natural, and effective in your life, and still, it is not necessary to have faith in order for hypnotherapy to work. God has given you an amazing mind and set of emotions. We show you how to use these tools to your advantage.

Can you be made to do things that you don't want to do?
No. You are always somewhat aware while "under" hypnosis. In fact, it is a consent state (of agreement). You only accept suggestions that are useful and beneficial to you, and your subconscious mind always interprets the suggestions in the best possible ways. Also, all the suggestions that we give you are intended for the purpose of your best interest.
While TV and the movies would like to show you otherwise, hypnosis is not the "Mandrake" image portrayed. When we do hypnosis shows, for example, the individuals who are having the most fun are those who come up on stage. They say that it is the most fun they ever had and that they want to do it again!

Are you unconscious or sleeping during hypnosis?
No. When you are in hypnosis you are always somewhat aware. If you were sleeping, then you would not be able to hear the suggestions. That is why most popular rapid-learning "sleep tapes" (that are claiming to teach you while you sleep) do not work.
At times, you may not remember every word you hear because you feel so relaxed. Or your mind may drift off. But you always come back to the words.

Does insurance cover your services?
Usually, no. However, some insurance companies are starting to become more inclusive of hypnotherapy. Also, some employers offer either FLEX plans or company-wide programs (or seminars) to cover weight loss or smoking cessation. HSA plans can also be used.
It is our belief that when you pay for something yourself, you value it a whole lot more. When we accept a child for services, we almost always require that the child make some restitution (at least partial, and in some way that is fitting to the young person) toward the parent(s) / guardian(s).

Does hypnosis really work?
In the 13+ years of doing this, hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) are by far the most effective tools to create human change. We also teach this at multiple levels (personal success, family communication, business success, running a hypnotism practice, etc. etc.), and with all of the
You can see from our "mountain" of testimonials that we have become very much relied-upon in the community and trusted for even the most profound results and goals. These testimonials and endorsements are given freely and openly from people just like you, who needed to make a change in their lives. So, yes, hypnosis definitely works!

Is this one-on-one or group hypnosis?
Historically, we have always provided one-on-one sessions and programs here at the hypnosis center. Private sessions are our mainstay.
We also offer group seminars sometimes. That offers folks some way to begin to learn and participate in a fun and dynamic style.
Traditionally, Charleston Hypnosis also offers group classes and tele-conference calls as part of your one-on-one program. These usually take place once a month or so, and are usual included free within your personal program.
While most student trainings are set up on an as-needed basis, weekend trainings, professional hypnotism certification training courses, and other specialized retreats are also something that we offer at the center from time to time.

How many sessions do I need to achieve my goal?
Again, everyone is not the same. So, of course, the time duration that each individual will need to attain their desired results and goals will vary from person to person. We are serious about helping you to get the results and goals you desire, and we custom-tailor a program to meet your specific needs. The screening helps us to determine this.

Can I be accepted as a client?
The only way to know if you can be accepted as a client is with your free screening. Some of the characteristics of our most successful clients, who "get it" in their screening the best, are: sincerely willing to listen and instructions


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