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Safe Weight Loss

It is true that to have safe weight loss, the actions you need to take are very different from what most people think.

Even if you are in immediate pain (emotionally or physically) with excess weight, or you are wanting or needing a solution right straight away, it's still smart to desire to lose weight safely.

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We already understand that diets are dangerous and actually cause more harm than good.

"Diet's don't work and they never will." - Remington, Fisher, & Parent

We also know of the many mistakes that people make when starting a weight loss program. One such mistake - exercising too much or in the wrong way can actually blow your program - for one thing raising cortisol levels too high.

If you want your weight loss to last, or at very least not become worse at the tapering down of your weight loss plan, then you will need to do it safely.

Safe weight loss usually includes the following:
• gradual time-table - for example 8-10 pounds per month is about right, when you are doing a weight loss program or plan properly - with all of the other components
• eating properly - not a diet [see other articles]
• giving yourself permission to do it "right" only most of the time - if you try to be perfect, that usually sets you up for failure
• giving plenty of room to learn to use patience and maturity to deal with the real life issues
• an actual structured plan for how to communicate differently with others and family - learning the dynamics of proper communication skills
• a visual goal model - you will need to "get into your senses" about it - if you want a better life, then plan it in your mind - use all of your senses (see, hear, and feel) it
• not comparing yourself to others - …and a whole arsenal of new ways of thinking that enable you to be confidently thin, fit, and trim
• proper exercise program design - as mentioned above
• also it should be fun! - If it's not fun and easy, then you won't keep doing it

Not everyone is the same. No two weight loss programs are the same.

In order for a program to actually last and give you the tools you need to success over time, you will need personalized, custom tailored attention to how you are doing things.

This may include understanding yourself more (and properly), handling any secondary benefit of the problem (such as keeping weight on in order to distract from something else in your life), and implementing new communication styles.

Charleston Hypnosis Institute And Weight Loss Center has the best weight loss programs Charleston West Virginia has to offer. We offer a free evaluation to determine if hypnosis is right for you. You will get an honest and in-depth explanation of hypnosis. It's fun and informative. If we feel that hypnosis is not right for you, we will tell you so.

Perhaps the most important factor of safe weight loss is that it is easy and fun. That is the only way that you will keep liking to do it and keep the pounds off.





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